executive producer
michael croucher

camera/ producer
ken kwek

lizzie minnion

assistant editor
anthea harvey

technical advisor
colin o’neill

creative advisor
charlotte crofts

additional camera
alex minton

additional sound
bryan dolin

post production assistants
gabriella triantafyllis
matt crowder

technical assistants
kevin hadley
nariman massoumi

film stills
ken kwek

publicity stills
nik walkingbear

production lawyer
anna keeling

ntsc transfer
vision print

online editor
christian short @ granada

dubbing mixer
sean richards @ granada

“the ballad of vicki and jake”
“wind tunnel breakdown”
written and performed by jonah

“cc rider”
performed by jonah

“caro mio ben”
composed by g giordiano
performed by ian

we would like to thank the following people for supporting the making of this film
vicki, jake, sid
jonah, shaz, paul, brad
annaliese, sean
dave and sue crowder
kwek chiow yiap and kuah eng hua
gerald and cecelia ash
toshiko adachi
tadafumi sato
fiona mcmaster
the eclipse pub

and all our friends and family who supported us

produced and directed by
ian thomas ash

the ballad of vicki and jake

© copyright 2005